tonight, there was a pbr promotion at the tavern. it consisted of a drawing game and a huge connect four. along with some cutesy gals wearing blue-striped shirts. here is my interpretation.


saving the earth, one lane at a time

i do a lot of commuting to and from work; spending a minimum of one hour per day in my car. it gets worse/longer in the winter because of the careful driving and paranoid rear-wheel drivers. i have a lot of time to think about how others use their vehicles… the other morning, i was behind this little beetle while merging onto packers from aberg. everyone always gets into the middle lane (at least), because the right lane is for airport/matc/interstate people.


so this lady sorta slides over into the middle lane in front of me without signaling.


and settles into the lane.


as i approach, i see her bumper sticker (the likes of which i’ve previously turned my nose up at) and notice the biodiesel sticker.


to which i verbally exclaim, “guess your blinkers aren’t soybean-powered.”