the webinar

i usually start my day off with about 15 tabs open while i slowly weed through news of the day, techy crap i missed last night, and user experience junk that i can save for when someone finally lets me redesign our checkout.


when i hear my boss’ familiar steps coming from 5 feet away… he sits down in my guest chair and says that he has a favor to ask. he prefaces it with, “cuz you’re really good at typing…”
with slight trepidation, he asked me to transcribe a webinar* that he watched recently.
i gladly obliged… and as it sunk in, it became clear that this was ridiculous. though, i kept it to myself and dutifully typed what i heard, verbatim; practically with one hand.


so, after mixing up my dailies with the transcription service i now apparently run, i hand off the document, all wrapped up in a neat little package of information, and receive a “thanks! this would have taken me all day.”
at lunch, i revealed that this had taken place and we made an interesting observation. it is as follows:
in the past, a fellow co-worker has shared fond stories about his old-timey shaving apparatus, and has a deep affinity for beards and general traits of manliness. we all know this about him and it’s become sort of revering.


we decided that the equivalent experience in his case, would be if my boss declared co-worker’s skill in self-grooming and asked to be shaved by him.


laughter ensued; until reality set back in.
*i positively abhor corporate-speak and the words people make up to convey simple thoughts and ideas that make the person saying it sound ridiculous.